INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS – Demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept, or shows someone how to do something.

RECORDED INSTRUCTIONS – A supplement to classroom content, audio recording is a flexible and accessible space for student practice.

INFOGRAPHICS – Visual representations of information, knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

SUPPLEMENTARY WORKSHEETS – All formative assessments can be found and downloaded from the e-learning packet system.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES – These activities let the students be more motivated and engaged with their tasks.

E-BOOKS – Publications converted to digital form, consisting of text and images that serve as the main reference textbook of the student.

ONLINE TESTS/ASSESSMENTS – All seatwork, quizzes, and assignments are conducted and downloadable using the e-learning system.

EDUCATIONAL GAMES – Designed to help students comprehend certain topics, concepts, and frameworks in an interactive and engaged approach.

MIND MAPS – A tool that captures students’ thinking, knowledge collection, creation, and idea retention.
GRAPHIC ORGANIZER – Designed to help students classify ideas and communicate them effectively.